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The lights go down, the candles are turned on, and you get to relax and mentally prepare. Passive stretching will allow you to slow down and open your body during your restorative yoga practice. Life is about balance, and it is important that we give our body the chance to recover after a long week of work and working out.

What You Need To Know

The Experience


What To Bring

Many of our members have gotten into the habit of calling this class "adult nap time," and truth be told... We love it. Although the goal is not to fall asleep, we totally get that sometimes this hour is the ONLY hour some people have completely uninterrupted. So, if you doze off... We hope to have sweet dreams and we will be sure to wake you up when its all over!

For those who do not fall asleep, you can plan to be put into only a handful of poses that you will hold for 10-12 minutes each. The goal is to use as many props as you need to experience passive stretching and get completely comfortable. If you truly allow yourself to get into that "in between" state, studies show that your body will benefit from equivalent of 4-hours of deep sleep. 

Our non-heated room is set to a comfortable temperature of 68-72 degrees fahrenheit. We encourage everyone to dress in layers so that you can take off or add more clothing as needed to make you feel most comfortable. We have blankets available if you need a little extra warmth.

Bring a yoga mat and water. You don't have one or more of those items? Not to worry! We have water available for purchase for $2, mats available for rent for $3, and towels available for your complementary use during every visit. We can help you gather the items you need at the front desk! 

All other necessary props and equipment are provided by Rogue Awakening.

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