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Rogue Awakening offers a unique approach to our 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programs for curious yogis and seasoned-teachers alike! Already a Registered Yoga Teacher? Check out our new Continuing Education Program!

At Rogue Awakening, we believe there is no such thing as a coincidence - everything happens for a reason! Including the fact that you're here, right now, reading about Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) on our website. If you're new to Rogue Awakening, welcome! If you're already a rogue yogi, hello there! We are stoked to have you exploring what our YTT programs have to offer.


Our comprehensive 200-hour YTT program provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to become a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (YA). A 200-hour program is typically considered the minimum requirement for anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher, but is also utilized by many as a way to simply deepen their practice without the intention of teaching. This program covers the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, anatomy, asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and teaching methodologies. In a 200-hour program, students learn the basics of how to create and teach a hot power yoga class, including sequencing, cueing, and adjusting.

On the other hand, our 300-hour yoga teacher training program is an advanced level of training designed for those who have already completed a 200-hour program and want to deepen their knowledge and skills as a yoga teacher. It builds upon the foundational knowledge gained in a 200-hour program and provides a more in-depth study of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodologies.

One of the most significant benefits of our YTT programs is the supportive community you will find yourself immersed into. You're surrounded by like-minded individuals, and you're sure to find inspiration as you all grow and develop throughout the program. Once you and your fellow trainees leave the program, you will feel more confident in your own yoga practice and your ability to share it with others.

Some of the key benefits of participating in our YTT programs include:

  • Deepening your yoga practice: Our YTT program provides an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and explore different aspects of yoga beyond just the physical postures. Through the study of yoga philosophy, meditation, and pranayama, you can cultivate a deeper understanding of the holistic nature of yoga.

  • Developing teaching skills: Our YTT program provides a structured approach to teaching yoga, enabling individuals to develop their teaching skills, including sequencing, cueing, and adjusting. Participants learn how to create safe and effective classes that cater to different student needs, abilities, and levels.

  • Personal growth: Our YTT program is a transformative experience that can lead to personal growth and self-discovery. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their personal experiences and beliefs, develop a deeper sense of self-awareness, and learn how to integrate yoga principles into their daily lives.

  • Career opportunities: Our YTT program can open up new career opportunities for individuals, such as teaching yoga in studios, gyms, or schools, leading workshops or retreats, or starting their own yoga business.

  • Community: Our YTT program offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for yoga. Participants form a community that supports and encourages one another throughout the training and beyond.

We hope this overview of our YTT program has provided you with a clear understanding of what you can expect from our program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation with our YTT program lead. We look forward to hearing from you!

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