Rogue Awakening is very excited to announce our first ever 200-hour Teacher Training program. 

No matter where you are in your yoga journey, you will benefit from our Teacher Training program. Our program was designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery. Of course you will learn how to teach yoga, but you will get so much more out of your Teacher Training than you ever thought. Joining teacher training with an open mind and an open heart will allow you to experience benefits that will last you a lifetime. Even if you don't want to teach yoga once you graduate from our program, you will experience life-long benefits and make life-long friendships. ​

Our Fall Teacher Training is a 16 week program that meets ever Tuesday and Thursday for three hours, and every other Saturday for six hours. You can anticipate about an hour of homework each week. This is a big commitment, but you will come out of this with more knowledge and new skills. It's more than worth it! 

Our Teacher Training is compromised of practice, lecture, group and self-study. We believe people work and learn best in an interactive environment, so be prepared to do a little yoga every time we meet. We will cover topics like like teaching formulas, postures, anatomy, yoga history and philosophy. 

Rogue Awakening's Teacher Training Program is $3,500. You can save $500 by taking advantage of our early bird pricing. Sign up before September 1.

+ Rogue Awakening Unlimited Membership

+Rogue Awakening Yogitoe 

+ Teacher Training Discount Of 20% In The Boutique

+ Rogue Awakening Water Bottle 

+ Teacher Training Reflection Journal 

+ Certificate of Completion Through Yoga Alliance 

+ 200-Hour Teacher Training Manual 

+ Additional Reading Material Included 

+ Opportunities Beyond Graduation

+ Day Retreats

+ Community Event