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Step onto your mat ready to explore diverse movements guided by your instructor. This dynamic practice will push your muscles, mind, and balance to new heights. Classes will vary, synchronizing breath with movement in a continuous flow, and always promising a challenging, sweat-inducing experience. Every session offers a fresh and unique challenge.

What You Need To Know


The Experience


What To Bring

Hot Power Yoga at Rogue Awakening combines and blends a wide range of class structures and yoga styles. You'll never know exactly what to expect, however there are three things you can be certain of every time you show for this class...


1. It's going to be hot in the room to loosen up your muscles and get you to sweat.

2. You're going to feel powerful and be asked to get into challenging poses.

3. You're definitely doing some yoga.

Arrive on your mat ready to get out of your comfort zone, but also know that it is okay to take a step back and honor the way your body feels each day. You do not have to be able to or even try to get into crazy yoga poses. Sure, it looks cool, but that isn't the point of yoga! We welcome everyone at any level (newbies and long-time practitioners alike)!

Though challenging, this class is beginner friendly. Your teacher will offer modifications throughout to make your time spent with us accessible for everyone.

You can expect your Hot Power Yoga classes to be anywhere from 92-100 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature and humidity will depend on the size of the class, time of year, time of the day, and your placement in the room (look up to see the infrared heating panels we use to heat our space).

Bring a yoga mat, water, and sweat towel. You don't have one or more of those items? No sweat! We have water available for purchase for $2, mats available for rent for $3, and sweat towels available for your complementary use during every visit. We can help you gather the items you need at the front desk! 

All other necessary props and equipment are provided by Rogue Awakening.

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