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Utilizing an Aerial Silk hammock, you will have the opportunity to get into poses that you maybe never thought were possible while on your mat. Aerial Yoga combines your yoga practice and elements of acrobatics to help decompress the spine, improve circulation, loosen tight muscles, boost digestion, and improve your immune system.

What You Need To Know

The Experience


What To Bring

Aerial Yoga is one of those classes we offer that will NEVER get old. You'll start out each class with an introduction by your teacher, move into gentle stretching using the silks, and then you'll gradually build on various poses to come into positions you thought were only possible by people in the circus! During this class we hoot, holler, shout, yelp, and encourage each other. It is the ultimate empowerment class because everyone is rooting for everyone to get into the coolest poses! We love to have during this class, so arrive on your mat with your serious face set to the side. 

The Aerial Silks virtually have no weight limit (literally 700lbs), so everyone can join us for this awesome experience! Each class is beginner friendly because your teacher will tailor the class to the experience level of the class by offering beginner, intermediate, and advance poses.

Our non-heated room is set to a comfortable temperature of 68-72 degrees fahrenheit. We encourage everyone to dress in layers so that you can take off or add more clothing as needed to make you feel most comfortable.

Bring a yoga mat and water. You don't have one or more of those items? Not to worry! We have water available for purchase for $2, mats available for rent for $3, and towels available for your complementary use during every visit. We can help you gather the items you need at the front desk! 

All other necessary props and equipment are provided by Rogue Awakening.

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