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All Levels Yoga is meant for anyone and everyone. It is a relaxing class that links breath with movement in a yoga sequence that focuses on building core strength and improving flexibility. Whether this is your first class or your 1000th class, you will enjoy the opportunity to focus on your breath and slow down from your daily hustle.

What You Need To Know

The Experience


What To Bring

All Levels Yoga takes place in our non-heated room and is taught by teachers who are well versed on providing an experience that can be enjoyed by anyone who walks through our doors. Need a chair for your practice? We've got you covered. Need extra props to make yourself comfortable? We have everything you need. Are you recovering from an injury or have limited mobility? We are excited to show you that you can safely move your body and still do yoga.

This class stays a consistent pace throughout. And, remember... You don't have to do what your teacher asks you to do. If something else is going to feel good for your body, we encourage you to move how you need to move!

Our non-heated room is set to a comfortable temperature of 68-72 degrees fahrenheit. We encourage everyone to dress in layers so that you can take off or add more clothing as needed to make you feel most comfortable. We have blankets available if you need a little extra warmth.

Bring a yoga mat and water. You don't have one or more of those items? Not to worry! We have water available for purchase for $2, mats available for rent for $3, and towels available for your complementary use during every visit. We can help you gather the items you need at the front desk! 

All other necessary props and equipment are provided by Rogue Awakening.

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