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Hello friends! I am Jenn and I am so excited to be here! 


I first discovered yoga circa 2010. My first class was a Vinyasa Flow and I found it to be an amazing challenge. Over time, the practice allowed me to really listen to what my body could or needed to do and set my ego aside. 

That being said - around the same time I found yoga, an even larger part of my journey is finding a love of movement in strength training. The results, the multiple positive impacts on my mental and physical health were undeniable. I was hooked. After years of contemplating if I "could, should or would" - I just went for it. I studied, dedicated my time and effort and received my Personal Trainer certification. Honestly, I am so excited to have taken the step to do so.  Being able to share and live my passion and excitement for movement and fitness with others while motivating and supporting their journey is beyond rewarding.

Being a part of the Rogue Awakening team is so inspiring, exciting and truly unique. It is a place where the world of yoga and listening to one's body can be just that. Yet it can seamlessly merge with the challenge of weights in a signature Power Sculpt class. It can even take you even deeper into one's fitness journey personal training. In studio you will see me taking personal training clients in the gym and soon I look forward to guiding you through a Power Sculpt class as well.

When I am not teaching or training, you will catch me in studio taking a Power Flow, Power Sculpt or Deep Stretch class. Outside of the studio and daily movement, spending time with my family, hiking and snowboarding are my jam. I look forward to connecting with, listening to, supporting and moving along with all of you!

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