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2023 Vibe Yoga Retreat
Peninsula, Ohio    ||    September 8-10

Thoughtfully located only 15 minutes from Rogue Awakening and 30 minutes from Shine Akron, our 2023 Vibe Yoga Retreat is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will fulfill all of your Pinterest glamping dreams. Tucked away next to a lake on a 13-acre farm, you'll be able to enjoy a weekend free from the hustle and bustle of life. Rolling hills with winding trails surround the farmlands and are available for everyone to explore as you start to become one with nature. 


Once you arrive, you get to let go - everything you need is located on-site and included in the price of the retreat. With relaxation in mind, you will leave from this weekend away feeling rejuvenated in every way.


Upon arrival, between 3:00pm and 4:00pm on Friday, August 19, you can expect to be welcomed and guided to your reserved glamping tent by one of your Retreat Leaders. Your tent is furnished with queen beds, cozy bedding and pillows, chairs, a bench, towels, side table, rug, electric cords, lanterns, flashlights, tent lights, and everything else you need to make yourself at home out in nature. Once you're settled in, all yogis will meet at the main barn for Welcome Hour where everyone will get to mingle while enjoying kombucha and the beautiful sunset along the lake. Dinner will be served shortly after (vegan and gluten-free options available) followed by a guided meditation and bonfire burning ritual. Later in the evening, all yogis are welcome to join your Retreat Leaders for a Moonlight Hike followed by a Yoga Nidra guided Sound Journey. After a long day of travel and the opportunity to relax during Yoga Nidra, your tent will be calling your name to catch some Zzz's and prepare for the next day. 

Now, we can't divulge all of our secrets, but on day two you can expect an Acro Yoga workshop, a Mala Making workshop, various types of yoga offered throughout the day (relaxing and power), chakra testing, meditation opportunities, and so much more. Come Sunday, you won't want to leave, but check-out will have to happen at 12:00pm sharpe. 


+ Glamping Yoga Retreat Welcome Gift

+ All Locally Sourced Vegan/Vegetarian Meals & Snacks

+ Daily Lakeside Sunrise Yoga

+ Daily Workshops

+ Guided Moonlight Hike 

+ Yoga Nidra and Sound Journey Ceremony with Live Music

+ Ecstatic Dance

+ Trails to Hike & Explore

+ Retreat Reflection Journal

+ Mala Making Workshop & Take Home Mala


Option 1: Single queen tent - one person - $900 each person + Tax

Option 2: Single queen tent - two people - $650 each person + Tax

Option 3: Double queen tent - three people - $600 each person + Tax

Option 4: Double queen tent - four people - $550 each person + Tax

**If choosing options 2, 3, or 4 you must include who you are glamping with in the email.**

Are you ready to join us for an unforgettable weekend? To reserve your glamping adventure, click the button below to send us an email! Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and if your glamping arrangements will be option 1, 2, 3, or 4. If you plan to glamp with your yogi friends, include their names and phone numbers. 

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