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Hi there! I’m Gina. 


When I first discovered yoga I was doing a lot of soul searching in attempt to find my true passion. All it took was one class to make me fall in love with the practice. I found myself yearning to learn more.


I enrolled in teacher training in 2015 and have been teaching ever since. Through the years I have continued to discover the art of listening to your body and the intentions you bring both on and off the mat. Allowing yourself to live intentionally each day. For me that’s through the simple joys of hiking, journaling, reading, gardening and quality time with my family. My hopes for when anyone joins my class is to provide a space where you can listen to your body and move as organically as needed. Most importantly showing up exactly as you are. 


I’m so grateful to be apart of the rogue awakening community! You can catch me teaching Yin, stretch and flow and prenatal/postnatal classes.

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