We Have Something For Everyone

All Classes are In Person and Live Streamed



Think - Yoga Meets Boot Camp

Power Sculpt is a heart-rate based yoga sequence, set under infrared heating panels, that incorporates free weights (provided!) and cardio-bursts for a full body workout that will leave you feeling accomplished after every class. But, don’t worry, every class still ends in Savasana! You earned it.

This class is offered multiple times a day as a 60-minute or 45-minute class. 

Offered Daily, Morning & Evening 



The Same Power Sculpt You Love, Just Not As Hot

We turn down the heat without turning down the intensity during this 45-minute class that will have you working just as hard as you would during a regular Power Sculpt class. Class will of course end with a well-deserved cold essential oil towel!

Offered Monday at 11:00am 

Tuesday at 6:30pm

& Wednesday at 9:30am



Anyone & Everyone Can Enjoy Aerial Yoga (We Pinky Promise)

Utilizing an Aerial Silk hammock, you will have the opportunity to get into poses that you maybe never thought were possible while on your mat. Aerial Yoga combines your yoga practice and elements of acrobatics to help decompress the spine, improve circulation, loosen tight muscles, boost digestion, and improve your immune system. Your Aerial Yoga teacher will guide you through poses based on the ability of each student.

Offered Tuesday at 11:00am

Wednesday at 4:30pm

& Sunday at 10:30am




Stretch Like You've Never
Stretched Before

Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fasciae, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This is a more meditative approach to yoga to bring awareness of inner silence.

Offered Monday at 4:30pm

Wednesday at 11:00am

& Saturday at 9:15am



The Perfect Chance To Slow Down Your Practice

Gentle Flow is taught in our non-heated yoga studio. It is a relaxing class that links breath with movement in a yoga sequence that focuses on building core strength and improving flexibility. Whether this is your first class or your 1000th class, you will enjoy the opportunity to focus on your breath and slow down your practice.

Offered Wednesday at 7:15pm

& Thursday at 9:30am



Find a State of Consciousness Between Waking and Sleeping

The lights go down, the candles are turned on, and you get to relax and mentally prepare for the week ahead. Passive stretching will allow you to slow down and open your body during your restorative yoga practice. Life is about balance, and it is important that we give our body the chance to recover after a long week of work and working out.

Offered Sunday at 7:00pm




Detox Your Body

Half of class is Yang, which is faster-paced and set in a hot environment. The other half of class is Yin. During this part of class we slow things down to focus on stretching. You get the best of both worlds! The best part? Candles light up the room during this cozy flow that is sure to allow you to end your day in the best possible way.

Offered Thursday at 8:00pm

& Friday at 11:00am



Experience Meditation In A New Way

Enjoy a 60-minute Aerial Restorative class with low hanging silks, surrounded by candles.The silks are used as a prop to assist the body in attaining postures that it ordinarily finds difficult. Anyone can benefit from this class. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Offered Monday at 7:15pm




Like A Dance, You Will Flow Through Your Practice

Arrive open to learning more challenging poses as your teacher guides you through a yoga sequence that will strengthen your body and stimulate your mind. If holding poses for an extended amount of time isn’t your thing, you’ll love this breath to movement flow that powers up your muscles and gets your heart pumping. 

Offered Monday at 9:30am

Tuesday at 8:00pm

Wednesday at 7:00am

Thursday at 11:00am

& Friday at 7:00am



Prepare To Grow Your Family

Intended for expecting mothers, this class benefits both mother-to-be and baby. You can begin attending prenatal classes early in your pregnancy, but we recommend starting your yoga regime after your morning sickness has passed. During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, creating mental and physical stress. Your Prenatal Yoga practice will help you find balance in your body, improve sleep, increase strength and flexibility, and will help you develop breathing techniques that you can use during labor.

Offered Tuesday at 6:00pm

& Sunday at 12:30pm