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Hey Yogis!


It’s Ally here and I’m so happy to be a part of the Rogue Awakening family. You can find me at the front desk checking everyone in as well as floating around the studio, wiping everything in site. I will also be in class expanding on my yoga just like everyone else!


I started my yoga journey a couple years ago to help with flexibility, little did I know the bigger difference it would make in my everyday life. It’s not always easy stepping onto my mat but I never regret a single second of my practice when I do. 

The best part about yoga is the endless learning that can be done. There are so many different yoga styles to try which leads to a stronger yoga foundation all together. I’ve come to learn that my favorite flowing sessions are the unexpected ones, whether it be on a mountain or in the sand, I always feel more connected to Mother Earth and myself after an adventurous flow. 


It’s all about being IN TUNE with your mind, body and soul.