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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Pose

A new kind of yoga for the new kind of yogi who doesn't know all the fancy pose names, who doesn't need to have every pose be perfect, who loves a good sweat, who knows how to push and when to slow down, and who wants to be a part of something more. At Rogue Awakening we are much more than a yoga studio. We are a community of people working to find new possibilities within our bodies and minds.


We aren't like a regular yoga studio... We are a cool yoga studio! We listen to upbeat music, we have happy hours (champagne, anyone?), we have dogs and cats visit us from local animal rescues, we use weights, we have a selfie wall, we meditate, we dance, we inspire, and you're guaranteed to walk out of our door happier than when you arrived!

We do things different here, and we like it that way!


When you come hang out with us, you're going to feel less stressed, you'll sleep better, your blood circulation and metabolism will improve, you're going to be stronger, more balanced and more flexible, you'll meet new friends, you'll be more productive, and you're going to have SO MUCH FUN.

We get asked this all of the time... "Do you have to have yoga experience?" The answer is - ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, most of our current members have never done yoga before stepping on their mats for the first time at our studio.

When you join this community and begin showing up on your mat, you become unstoppable. First you'll notice it. Then your family and friends will notice it, and eventually you will rub off on them creating the MOST beautiful domino effect of lifting up the people you love just by your presence alone.

Are you ready to be welcomed into a fitness experience like no other? Are you ready to join a community of people who welcome you with open arms, open minds, and open hearts? Are you ready to challenge your body in a new way? Are you ready to Go Rogue and Awaken Your Soul? 


We’re ready when you are.

Meet The Team

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