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Welcome to 75 Rogue: A 75-Day Wellness Challenge!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey toward holistic wellness and personal growth? Rogue Awakening invites you to join our 75 Rogue Challenge, an empowering experience designed to enhance your self-discipline, confidence, and resilience. This is not just another fitness challenge; it's a holistic approach to bettering your overall well-being inside a safe community.




Start: January 1

End: March 18

Challenge Commitments:

  1. 30 Minutes of Movement Everyday: Engage in physical activity every day for 75 days, elevating your fitness levels.

  2. Five Minutes of Mindful Activity Everyday: Prioritize mental well-being with a daily mindful activity of your choice.

  3. 64 Ounces of Water Everyday: Stay hydrated by consuming a minimum of 64 ounces (8 cups) of water daily.

  4. Follow a Nutrition Plan: You get to choose how you're going to boost your nutrition for 75 days.

What happens if you miss a day? Well, the standard 75 Hard Challenge says you have to start over... But we are giving you THREE "oopsie" days. We get that life happens.



Not a studio member? You can still join for FREE! Share your Instagram handle with us below and we will add you to our exclusive 75 Rogue Instagram page where you can enjoy daily inspiration, challenges, and more!

Need more support? Boost your journey! Secure a 75-day non-commitment unlimited membership at Rogue Awakening for powerful strength training and revitalizing yoga. As an exclusive studio member, you'll get to enjoy additional perks and support while conquering your goals. Unleash your full potential today!

What every studio challenge participant receives:

  1. Laminated Checklist: A personalized checklist to track your daily progress, helping you stay committed to your goals.

  2. Weekly Text Motivation: Receive uplifting messages from a dedicated Health Coach and Personal Trainer to keep you motivated throughout the challenge.

  3. 1 Group Circuit Training Credit: Gain access to our specialized training programs, enhancing your fitness journey.

  4. 3 InBody Scans: Track your physical transformation with scans at the beginning, middle, and end of the challenge.

  5. Access to Private 75 Rogue Instagram: Exclusive access to a page filled with workout programs, nutrition tips, live Q&A sessions, meditations, and mini-classes - all tailored to support your 75-day journey and allow you to connect with your community in this shared experience. 

Additional Member Challenge Commitments:

  1. Two Weekly Studio Classes: Take class in-studio or virtually at least two times a week. 

Optional add-ons (pricing below in registration): 

  1. Notebook + Weekly Journal Prompts: Enhance self-reflection and mindfulness with a specially designed journal.

  2. ½ Gallon Water Bottle: Stay hydrated and conquer your daily water intake goal with style. Finishing just one bottle a day hits your target!

  3. Health Coaching 30-Min 3 Pack: Unlock personalized guidance with three sessions for a discounted price.

  4. Nutrition Guide: Receive a virtual packet with nutrient-dense recipes, master macronutrients, learn food label guidance for confident grocery shopping, understand tracking techniques, and receive valuable nutritional tips for a more impactful 75 days!

  5. Limited Edition T-Shirt or Tank: Sport an exclusive Rogue Awakening design and wear your commitment with pride.

Sign Up and Elevate Your Wellness: Participate for free and customize your experience with optional add-ons. From exclusive gear to personalized coaching, make the 75 Rogue Challenge uniquely yours.

Ready to crush your goals and transform your life? Sign up now and let's make these 75 days the start of your best self! 




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